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Lack of access to the KRAKEN website is perhaps the main problem that almost all darknet users face. Previously, this problem was fought with the help of mirror links, and to date, nothing new has been invented. A mirror link is the address where you can go to the official website, there can be hundreds of such links and all of them will lead to a copy of the working resource. Since the site is prohibited, from time to time these links are blocked and new ones appear, it is worth following the updates.

Where can I get actual mirror links to vk03.io?

On the Internet, you can find hundreds of sites that offer relevant links to the KRAKEN resource, but these links are far from always correct. There are a lot of scammers on the darknet, as well as on the regular Internet, who forge links and transfer you to some fake site, so always It is worth paying attention to the resource from which you are making the transition. It is better to choose trusted sources of mirror links to the vk8.at website. On our website, we update information on new links and publish them on a regular basis. Today you can follow working links that look like vk8.at, vk02.io.